[NEWS] Moving on, letting go: Why Jodi’s life tips are going viral

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Jodi Sta. Maria, whose story of forgiveness and moving on made headlines in recent years, has become a source of inspiration and motivation to her millions of followers on Twitter, with her daily life tips gaining wide traction on the microblogging site.

The 35-year-old actress, a Christian, has been sharing motivational lines on self-worth and confidence, and sagely advice on forgiveness and moving on — topics that evidently resonate with her fans.

Sta. Maria has a deep well to draw from, going by what’s known of her personal life. In 2011, she separated from Pampi Lacson after six years of marriage. They have one child together, Thirdy, now 12. The bitter breakup caused her to become an alcoholic, before having to turn to anti-anxiety drugs, she belatedly confirmed in 2016.

Years following the separation were also tumultuous for Sta. Maria, whose feud with the then-new partner of Lacson, actress Iwa Moto, courted controversy.

The two have since reconciled, with their respective families even spending overseas trips together. Their social media posts indicate Sta. Maria and Moto regularly bond with their respective children with Lacson. Sta. Maria’s current partner, actor-politician Jolo Revilla, also appears to be a staple in their family gatherings.

The positive strides in her life seem to reflect in her tweets, which urge her followers to similarly forgive, move on, find happiness, and have a firm grasp of what–or who–is important in life.

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