Jodi Sta. Maria Encourages Everyone to Give Care to Kids with Chronic Illness

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Actress Jodi Sta. Maria is an advocate for various important causes, including breast cancer awareness, women empowerment, Lumads’ rights, and children’s wellness. The latter is very important to her, in fact, she is the ambassadress of Kythe Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to improve the lives of children with chronic illness.

In 2013, 322 children from ages 5-14 died because of disease of pulmonary circulation and other forms of heart disease, according to Department of Health.

During our exclusive interview with the actress, she said it’s important that we shower kids suffering from chronic illness with love so they wouldn’t feel alone in their difficult journey.

“It’s so important na maparating natin ang mensahe at mapadama natin sa kanila na hindi sila nag-iisa,” Jodi said.

Some studies suggest that happiness help ease cancer patients’ pain and anxiety.

Asked why this advocacy is important to her, Jodi believes it’s because she is a mother.

“Hindi madali para sa isang magulang na makitang may pinagdadaan ang anak mo. And as a mother, I am very thankful to the Lord na mayroon akong child na healthy and active.”

Jodi Sta. Maria Stars In A New Film

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Jodi Sta. Maria, one of the greatest actresses of her generation, is set to star in a new film alongside actor Marvin Agustin.

#NewMovie #RealityEntertainment @jodistamaria #jodistamaria #B617

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#NewMovie #RealityEntertainment @jodistamaria #jodistamaria #B617

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The two will work together in a movie directed by Jet Leyco and produced by Reality Entertainment, which is renowned for creating some of the best horror films in the country.

#NewMovie #RealityEntertainment @jodistamaria #jodistamaria #B617

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Working together for the first time, Jodi and Marvin met today with Mr. Leyco and Reality Entertainment Founders Dondon Monteverde and Erik Matti for the story conference.

Not much has been shared about the film but judging from the portfolio of the production house, Jodi might star in a horror or suspense movie.

@jodistamaria at the story conference for her #NewMovie under #RealityEntertainment #JodiStaMaria #B617

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Jodi Sta. Maria Shares Updates About School, Life, And More

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While most of us get nosebleed whenever we hear English from an articulate person, Jodi Sta. Maria experiences it with Math, which is actually much better because that subject surely induces tears and pain to countless students every year.

The actress asked for prayers and support so she can pass her Fundamentals of Statistics with flying colors so let’s all hope the best for her so she could get a perfect score.

“Finals ko na sa Fundamental of Stats so please, please pray for me na sanang mai-pass ko talaga with flying colors ang math kasi medyo numo-nosebleed ako,” she said.

And once Jodi finishes her study in the future, she hopes to share all of her valuable learnings to us someday.

@jodistamaria flying to France for a very special union of two of her dearest friends. #JodiStaMaria #B617

Jodi Sta Maria PH 发布于 2017年8月31日

Jodi is currently taking up Bachelor in Science major in Psychology and hopes to be a counselor.

But for now, she will fly to one of the most stylish and romantic countries in the world, France. Avoir un vol sûr, Jodi!

@jodistamaria and her upcoming test plus new project. #NewMovie #RealityEntertainment #jodistamaria #B617

Jodi Sta Maria PH 发布于 2017年8月31日

How Jodi Sta. Maria Keeps Her Life Balanced

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In this day and age, a modern woman is someone who exerts her best effort to be on top of her game. She can be a mother, a CEO, a humanitarian, an advocate, a student and a woman every man can’t resist, all at the same time.

A quick look in Jodi’s schedule and you’d be astounded to see how she manages to keep everything balanced. First things first, the multi-awarded actress is currently busy taping her new project in the Kapamilya network as she will soon be back on TV. Her last project on TV was the highly successful ‘Pangako Sa ‘Yo’ remake, where she even won a nomination from iEmmy, in 2015. This time though, she’ll be back with her ‘Be Careful With My Heart’ leading man, Richard Yap. So be ready because this highly anticipated TV series will be full of ‘kilig’ moments.

But even though she is busy with her career, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have time for herself. Jodi makes it a point to take care of her mind, body, and soul. In fact, she heavily encourages her fans and followers to do what she does.

The Mind

As a lot may have known, Jodi is back in school and pursuing a Bachelor of Science major in Psychology, because ever since, she really wanted to have her own degree and become a medical professional. What’s even more admirable about Jodi is that she studies during her breaks in her taping and commercial shoots.

“It is important because it creates better opportunities in the future. It makes us strong mentally, intellectual, and socially by increasing our knowledge level. It makes us more confident too as individuals,” she said in a previous interview.

The Body

Jodi makes no excuses when it comes to keeping herself fit and healthy. The actress understands the importance and benefits of having a strong temple as she believes that “the best project you’ll ever work on is you.”

“Exercise to be fit, to be strong, to be healthy – that’s the goal. And if you are not where you want to be that’s enough motivation to keep you going.”

Note to Self : The best project you'll ever work on is you. Be better than you were yesterday. There will be people who will always perceive you wrong – say not so good stuff about you – even accuse you for having wrong self-image just because how you look does not fit their ideals. And it doesn't matter. You don't live for them. You live for you. They dont know you – you know you. Let them talk all they want – let them label and be critical – but don't let them stop you from being the best version of you. Exercise to be fit, to be strong, to be healthy – that's the goal. and if you are not where you want to be that's enough motivation to keep you going. ❤️💕👍🏻 Thank you coach @jmbasila10 ! For more updates, kindly visit @jodistamariaph

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The Soul

Strengthening her faith through prayer and by going to Church is a must for Jodi. She never misses out on nourishing her soul with God’s wisdom and love. The actress even shares bible verses and her interpretation of it that never fails to inspire her fans and followers.

"Fill Up Your Heart With God And Who He Is." – @jodistamaria For Jodi's full reflection, visit

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With those mentioned, a lot may wonder, does Jodi even have time to have fun? Yes of course she does! Just recently, netizens were amazed when they saw her casually walking in the streets of Makati with her manager, Biboy Arboleda or mostly commonly known as Mother Bibs! The pair wondered from the Ayala tunnel, where they admired the colorful and exquisite murals on the wall, and then headed to Landmark but before that, some people recognized Jodi in her simple attire and asked for pictures, which she happily obliged to. When the two got inside Landmark, they, of course, dropped by Jollibee where Jodi happily recalled that her mom often took her there when she was young and that the Jollibee mascot has been standing there exactly where she remembered.

After that the mother and daughter wondered inside Greenbelt and shared words of wisdom with each other. Jodi even gave Mother Bibs a book entitled “Warrior of the Light” to inspire her.

They eventually concluded their fun mini-journey in the jungle of Makati but it was fun to know that a celebrity like Jodi and a powerful figure like Mother Bibs can live like a normal person.

And at the end of the day, the actress comes home to her son, Thirdy or Muy to his loved ones. Just like any other mom, Jodi makes sure she has a time for her son. They spend quality time together by baking, vacationing, playing games, and more. Most recently Jodi attended one of Thirdy’s basketball game to support her son and his team, DLSZ Boys 13 under, VS. Berkeley Baguio. Due to their training and skills, Thirdy and his team claimed victory, which isn’t the first time. In fact, their team has been experiencing a win streak and naturally, Jodi is a very proud mom.

For now, the actress is in Toronto with Richard Yap, along with other Kapamilya stars, for ASAP Live in Toronto show in celebration of Canada’s 150th year. The theme of the show is diversity and inclusiveness, add to that the talented performers like Jodi so, surely, it’s going to be fun and fabulous.

In the end, it’s remarkable how Jodi handles her crazy and wonderful life. But ultimately, it’s all about making the right choices in life and Jodi chooses to be happy and fulfilled.

Exclusive: Jodi Sta. Maria Shares Dream of Finishing Studies

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Education is a great equalizer; no one can argue the importance of it. It is vital and necessary, more so in a developing country like the Philippines, for every individual, no matter the age and status in life, to obtain it as education equips an individual with a powerful weapon that will enable him to have a better life.

It’s admirable to learn of celebrities who return to a school amidst their success in their respective careers . For example, Facebook CEO and multi-billionaire Mark Zuckerberg received his honorary degree in Harvard. And just like Mark, International Emmy Finalist Jodi Sta. Maria plans to attain a degree as she understands the value of education.

“It is important because it creates better opportunities in the future. It makes us strong mentally, intellectual, and socially by increasing our knowledge level. It makes us more confident too as individuals,” she said in an exclusive interview.

Jodi first revealed her plans of going back to school last February to the delight of her fans and followers, who wished her the best.

“Entering a new season ❤️ I’m thankful Southville International School and Colleges offers a home-school study program called INNOVE. 👍🏻”

She also shared that her Dear Other Self is a medical professional.

“@jodistamaria shares her plans on finishing Medicine #DearOtherSelf #DearOtherSelfGrandPressCon”

@jodistamaria shares her plans on finishing Medicine #DearOtherSelf #DearOtherSelfGrandPressCon

A post shared by Jodi Sta Maria PH (@jodistamariaph) on

On Tuesday, she enrolled herself in Southville International School and Colleges. She is taking up Bachelor of Science major in Psychology as her premed program because she is interested about human behavior.

“Human behavior really interests me. I want to be able to first and foremost understand myself better and, secondly, to be able to understand and help people.”

@jodistamaria just did the first step in fulfilling her dream. She's officially enrolled! #JodiGoesBackToSchool #JodiStaMaria

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After enrolment, @jodistamaria got her school ID! #JodiGoesBackToSchool #JodiStaMaria

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@jodistamaria , reunited with her beloved adviser in High School who she calls "Ms Ginang" #JodiGoesBackToSchool #JodiStaMaria

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Just like any other college student, Jodi went through the normal process of getting enrolled. She even got the chance to meet her professors, who were all happy and honored to have her as a student.

“I’m very excited and nervous at the same time. This is one thing that I have always wanted to finish and accomplish.”

@jodistamaria , reunited with her beloved adviser in High School who she calls "Ms Ginang" #JodiGoesBackToSchool #JodiStaMaria

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Despite all of these, Jodi is still an actress and is loved by so many Filipinos. And so juggling her life as an actress, a student, and a mom will be difficult. Back in 2012, when Jodi Sta. Maria won the Best Supporting Actress award at USTv Award, her manager, Biboy Arboleda, received the award and revealed that Jodi wasn’t able to finish her Bachelor of Science major in Biology due to her hectic schedule.

“Si Jodi ay may pangarap makapagtapos ng medisina at maging doktora balang araw. Bukod sa kanyang pagiging artista at aktres pangrap niya pong maging doktora bilang araw. Sinubukan niyang pagsabayin ang pag-aaral ng unang semester ng biology sa kasalukuyan niyang tinataping ang 100 Days to Heaven. Madugo kasi three times a week ang taping ng 100 Days to Heaven tapos three times a week nag-aaral siya. Eventually, nag-suffer ang kanyang health and she had to quit school. Sumama ang loob niya ng unti pero sinabi niya sakin pinili niyang tapusin ang 100 Days to Heaven dahil sa core values ng programa na iyon ang hatid ng ABS-CBN sa lahat ng mga kapamilya at Filipino. Nung nalaman niya na panalo siya sa USTv Awards ang sabi po niya, na salamat sa pag-pugay sa kanya ng ganitong award kasi ito ang mag-sisilbing inspirasyon niya hindi lamang para maging mas mahusay pang actor kundi para i-pursue ang pangarap niya na kahit anong mangyari, tulad niyo, tatapusin niya ang kolehiyo at medisina.”

But the good thing this time is that her school offers an INNOVE program, which lets her be an actress and a student at the same time. So despite having a flourishing career, Jodi can still study.

“Since it’s an INNOVE program (home school program), I am only required to attend school once a week then the rest would be online meetings with my professors and modules.”

Jodi is also determined in finishing her studies this time. She told herself “hindi pwede na hindi ko siya tapusin.”

“I wasn’t able to finish my 4th year high school after I have entered showbiz because I became busy with work. I told myself hindi pwede na hindi ko siya tapusin. Then in 2009 I decided to come back to school at the age of 28 to finish high school then I went straight to college the following year. Hindi ko natapos because, again, of my hectic working schedule. But I promised myself like I did 16 years ago, hindi pwede na hindi ko siya tapusin. So here I am, officially enrolled at Southville International School and Colleges.”

Jodi proves that there shouldn’t be any reason for a person not to finish his or her studies. Even if a person works 9-5 or even more than that, she can still accomplish her other passion as long as she puts her heart and mind to it.

And after she overcomes the trials and challenges of attaining a degree, Jodi will pursue a career in medicinal field.

“After I have finished my school, I want to be able to work as a guidance counselor or a rehabilitation specialist,” the actress revealed.

Jodi added that she wants to set a good example to her son Panfilo Lacson III, or Thirdy, and to also help people and make difference in their lives. Especially in this day and age, where there are so much suffering, a person like Jodi, who wants to help, are welcomed.

“I’m doing this not only to be a good example and role model to my son Thirdy but also to be equipped and skilled in dealing with broken people. I really want to be able to help and make a difference in the lives of others.

The future looks bright for Jodi Sta. Maria and we will wait for her to become a certified guidance counselor or rehabilitation specialist. In that time, Jodi will once again touch so many people’s lives just like she normally does as an actress, a role model, and a mother.

Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap Reunite

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Fans and followers of love team Jochard couldn’t hold back their joy after seeing Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap together again.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday, May 30, Richard shared a cute photo of him with Jodi in NAIA terminal 3. They are bound to Bicol to judge Daragang Magayon 2017 Pageant.

“Albay here we come! See you later sa Ms. Daragang Magayon Pageant!”

Albay here we come! See you later sa Ms. Daragang Magayon Pageant ! @jodistamaria @jodistamariaph

A post shared by Richard Yap (@iamrichardyap) on

Jodi’s manager, Nhila Mallari, also shared a photo of the love team.

“Na-miss nyo ba sila? @iamrichardyap and @jodistamaria bound for Legaspi Albay for Ms. Daragang Magayon Pageant. #JoChard”

Na-miss nyo ba sila? @iamrichardyap and @jodistamaria bound for Legaspi Albay for Ms. Daragang Magayon Pageant. #JoChard

A post shared by Angel in Disguise (@nhilanhils) on

Last time fans have seen Jochard together were in “The Achy Breaky Hearts” in 2016. They might not have to wait for so long as the love team has a new project together with Robin Padilla.

See more photos below.

(Photo Source: Instagram – @jodistamariaph/@nhilanhils/@iamrichardyap)

Jodi Sta. Maria Delights in Dear Other Self

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Are you the type of person who works 9-5 and puts your family first? Or are you the fun-loving one who wants to experience the world? Or maybe you are someone in the middle of that. Well, however you decide and live your life, you will surely relate to Jodi Sta. Maria’s new movie, Dear Other Self, with Xian Lim and Joseph Marco.

@jodistamaria @xianlimm @josephcmarco at #DearOtherSelfPremiereNight #B617

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Dear Other Self tells the story of Becky or Rebecca (Jodi Sta Maria). Basically, they are the same woman but lives a bit differently. Becky, who excels in her job, carries the responsibilities in her family. Meanwhile, Rebecca quits her job and leaves her family to travel the world, or more specifically, Thailand.

Enjoying her success in her work, Becky receives a new car from her boss and accidentally breaks the car of her hot co-worker, Chris (Joseph Marco). She volunteers to drive him to work and back to his house until his car gets fixed. With Becky’s incessant chattering to Chris, he suddenly falls in love with her and pursues her.

#DearOtherSelfNowShowing in cinemas nationwide! 'Wag na magpahuli! #DearOtherSelf

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Whereas Rebecca flies to Thailand and, at first, experiences difficulties adjusting to the life in the beautiful country but soon finds her footing once she meets the handsome traveler Henry (Xian Lim). The two then explores Thailand together and ends up being a couple.

#DearOtherSelfNowShowing in cinemas nationwide! #DearOtherSelf

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Star Cinema truly redeemed itself with this movie. Dear Other Self and its creative minds offered an escape away from the usual romantic-comedy movies or the dreadful mistress-themed movies.

It’s different from what movie studios have been offering to Filipinos for the past years. Yes it’s a rom-com but it’s not the type of rom-com which wants to please the people, rather, it wants to tell a story of modern women. Simply put, they don’t make films like this anymore.

Dear Other Self is refreshing, light, and relatable. The fact that I couldn’t guess what was going to happen while watching it during the Grand Premiere Night, mystified me. The movie encourages you to just watch, laugh, and enjoy the whole time.

And just how Director Veronica Velasco managed to pull-off to tell two stories of the same woman without confusing and tiring out the crowd was truly extraordinary. However, I’m sure that everyone who will watch it will feel thorn apart as they choose between Henry and Chris. Although they don’t exactly fight each other for the same woman, at some point you’d choose who you prefer. Is it the adventure-seeking Henry or grounded and serious Chris? Regardless they both have amazing abs.

But where all attention is in Becky/Rebecca. There’s no doubt that Jodi Sta. Maria is one of the greatest actress of this generation, hence,, her International Emmy Award nomination. It’s absolutely mind-breaking how she can play a role like Amor Powers and then suddenly becomes Becky/Rebecca. I questioned if it’s really the same brilliant woman who played two very different roles. In acting you can easily cry and be dramatic, and make the audience believe in you but making them laugh is another story.

Try something new today. Watch #DearOtherSelf in cinemas nationwide! #DearOtherSelfNowShowing

A post shared by STAR Cinema (@starcinema) on

Dear Other Self is a perfect showcase of Jodi Sta Maria’s incredible acting skills and natural charm. The whole time I was watching it, Jodi managed to light up the cinema every single time. There is this genuineness in how she played her characters as the whole time the movie rolled, it felt so natural to feel all sorts of emotions. The whole movie and her role were made for Jodi. No other actress can play Becky/Rebecca like Jodi. There’s no other actress like Jodi Sta Maria.

Ultimately, Dear Other Self breathes new life into the derivative genre of rom-com with a masterful directing and incredible performance from Jodi Sta. Maria.

Watch the trailer of Dear Other Self below.

(Photo Source: Instagram – @starcinema/ @jodistamariaph)

Jodi Sta. Maria Stuns at Dear Other Self Grand Premiere Night

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Kapamilya actress Jodi Sta. Maria couldn’t help turn heads as she walked the red carpet of the Grand Premiere Night of her romantic-comedy movie Dear Other Self on Tuesday at SM Mega Mall.

Accompanied by Xian Lim and Joseph Marco, the actress wore a blue jumpsuit, created by Mark Bumgarner, who also dressed Jodi for the International Emmy Award Ceremony.

“See you at the #DearOtherSelfPremiereNight ! Thank you @rbchanco @patriciacoronado@markbumgarner 💕”

See you at the #DearOtherSelfPremiereNight ! Thank you @rbchanco @patriciacoronado @markbumgarner 💕

A post shared by Jodi Sta.Maria (@jodistamaria) on

Directed by Veronica Velasco, Dear Other Self tells the story of the same woman but on a different path.

See more photos below.

@jodistamaria @xianlimm @josephcmarco at #DearOtherSelfPremiereNight #B617

A post shared by Jodi Sta Maria PH (@jodistamariaph) on

Watch Jodi’s fitting below.

Jodi Sta Maria wears a creation of @markbumgarner for #DearOtherSelf Grand Premiere Night! #B617

A post shared by Jodi Sta Maria PH (@jodistamariaph) on

(Photo Source: Instagram – @jodistamariaph/ @jodistamaria)

Jodi Sta. Maria Salutes All Mothers

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Today is the day that we recognize and appreciate the sacrifices and love of our mothers. And that we treat our moms like the queens that they are. Although it should be everyday that we do that as Jodi said, “mother’s don’t have a day off.”

Indeed a lot of mothers go through a lot just to give their children what they need and want. Some mothers are willing to go abroad and take care of other children just to earn money for her family.

However, Jodi, who is the mother of Thirdy, believes that all of the hardship is worth it because of all the awards mothers receive like “hugs, kisses and ‘i love you'” from their children.

So today, Jodi salutes all the amazing mothers out there that are raising their children to the best of their ability.


Watch her full message below.